The Critique Group

Hello Fellow Writer’s:

It’s been  a while, but now it is time to get down to business. With the holidays behind us, and the new year upon us, I’m sure we’re ready to get back to writing, reading, and editing our books for publishing.  Well, I know I am; I’ve been procrastinating long enough, and it’s time for me to buckle down and write.

What I am looking for in 2018 is for expert writers, as well as novice writers to give constructive critism, and feedback on other writer’s literary works, to include my own (nothing crude or hurtful, please).  I have included my next book entitled A Night on the Town.  I won’t give it all to you at once, just two pages every other Saturday. This is so I can read all the feedback.  I look forward to hearing from you,  as I am sure other writers will too.  Thank you and keep writing!  Raine


A Night on the Town


The week had gone by slow for Tessa Martin and Friday was finally here. And she was anxious to get the weekend started. She always began countdown at three o’clock every Friday. That’s when she and her girlfriends got together and hit the night scene at the local clubs for Rest and Relaxation. It had been their ritual for two years, and each of them looked forward to cutting loose and letting their hair down.
Lost in her thoughts, Alfred George, her boss stopped in front of her desk and said,” Miss Martin, I need you to review these files before my meeting this evening.” Then he slammed a stack of papers on her desk. The loud thud jarred her back to the present. She stared up at him and smiled. “Yes sir, Mr. George.” As he walked away, she decided nothing or no one was going to spoil her mood. It was Friday, and she had two hours, and thirty minutes before her weekend started.
Tessa enjoyed the time she spent with her friends Kimberly Redding and Valerie Wallace. The threesome had attended college together and shared some wild times that made the new ones look like child’s play. She smiled fondly at the memories until the ringing of the phone interrupted her.
She composed herself and answered the phone. “Good afternoon George Architectural Tessa Martin speaking, how can I help you?”
“Hey, girl! Are you ready to shake up the town tonight?” Kimberly said excitedly.
“Oh yes. I can’t wait.” Tessa smiled at her friend’s enthusiasm.
“I can’t either. I talked to Valerie earlier, and she’s ready too, Kim said.”
“Let’s face it, all three of us have stressful jobs and look forward to the weekend to let our hair down, Tessa said smiling into the phone.”
“Hmmm. Just like you’re always wishing for the right man to come along and sweep you off your feet.”
“You never know, I might meet the man of my dreams tonight, Tessa said in her defense.”
Kimberly laughed. She knew her friend well enough to know how the night would start and end. “Tessa, you say that every time we go out. Then you sit and sip on the same drink all night. And then, you turn down every poor sap that asks you to dance. How do you expect to meet a good man if you don’t loosen up and mingle?”
“Kim it’s not that simple and you know it. I set the bar high for myself, and I will accept no less from the guy I date.” Tessa didn’t want just any man. She wanted someone who knew how to treat a woman, not some hood rat who lays up while she supports his ass. And she didn’t need a player wanna be either. She had a right to be picky about who she dated.
Kim was quiet for a moment. She couldn’t believe Tessa still had the same mentality as in high school. “Tessa Elizabeth Martin, pull your head out your ass a minute and think. Maybe that’s the problem. Your standards are too high, and you set yourself up to fail. If I were you, I would stop wishing for Mr. Right, and wish for any man. Because it’s not gonna happen, not in this lifetime.”
Tessa laughed. Leave it to her bestie to tell her like it is. Kim knew her well. She was a hopeless romantic. Both had a good laugh, then arranged to meet at the club around eight. After hanging up Tessa looked at the clock. It was nearing five o’clock quitting time. She hoped Mr. George didn’t wait until the last-minute and ask her to stay late.
The words had no sooner passed her lips when her intercom buzzed. “Yes, Mr. George?”
“Miss Martin, I know it’s rather late to be asking, but I need you to stay late tonight for the meeting I have this evening with Jonathan Franks.”
Damn, she jinxed herself. “No problem Mr. George. But I do have plans this evening.”
“I understand. The meeting shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. Mr. Franks is due to arrive at five thirty.”
Tessa released the button and cursed. Shit! An hour or two. I’m supposed to meet the girls by eight. Kimberly’s going to have a cow. I can hear her now. Why do you let him manipulate you into working late all the time? Arrrgh! She picks up the phone and dialed Kim’s number, then prepared herself for the shouting.
Kimberly answered on the second ring. “Hello, Kim Redding speaking.”
“Hey Kim, it’s Tessa.”
“What’s up? Are you about to leave?”
“Not exactly, Tessa said biting her lower lip.
“No Tess. Don’t tell me he asked you to work late again? This is the third Friday in a row.”
“I know, but I promise I’ll be there before you and Val get started,” Tessa said apologetically.
Kim sighed. “Alright. But you’d better be there before the action starts, or we’ll have to kick you out of the club.”
Confused, Tessa asked, “What club? We don’t have a club.”
“Well then, I guess we can’t kick you out.” The two broke out in laughter.
“Look, I gotta go. Mr. George gave me a pile of files to read before the meeting. Hugs and kisses,” she said before ending the call.

                                                                         This is the End