Finding Love in the Face of Danger (Erotica Romance)


Jessica Hunter ran from her past to escape her ex-husband Robert.  Her marriage to him was like a prison sentence; and she paid a penalty for marrying him without getting to know him. For years, she endure pain, humiliation, and abuse from him. Until one day, she found the strength to file for a divorce, pack her things, and leave while Robert was at work.  Now in a new city, working for a prestigious law firm.  She finds herself running right into the arms of Jason Malloy.  Will she let down her guard and allow Jason to heal what another has broken, or are her days numbered.

Robert Carl Hunter, Jessica’s ex-husband wants to find her and bring her back kicking and screaming if he have too. No one walked out on him and lived to tell about it.  He didn’t give a damn about the Judge’s order, or granting her a goddamn divorce from him.  She was his and he intended to find her, by any means necessary. 

 Jason Malloy an ex-Army weapons and explosive expert returned to the United States and joined the Atlanta Police Department.  Within a few years, he joined the ranks of detective, and a damn good one.  Being a criminal detective was a rough, dirty job, and he bust his ass to solve every one of his cases with sheer determination, and a lot of brute strength.  But, he felt like something was missing in his life, the love of a good woman.  He wanted a relationship like his parents, and up until now, he thought he would never find it.  But not just any women.  He wanted a woman who will share not only his bed, but also his interests, job, and eventually have his babies. He had lost hope of ever finding her, until he discovers she works for his father’s law firm.  The minute he sees her, he knows she is the one.  The only problem would be convincing her of that fact.  

Theodore “Ted” Strauss is Jason’s longtime friend and partner, who joined the Atlanta police department the same time as him.  During their time at the academy, they became best friends, and knowing Jason as he did, he could see him falling for the beautiful Jessica Hunter, and hard.  From what he knew of the mysterious Ms. Hunter, she had a past, and he didn’t want to see his friend get hurt. 

Richard Bracken, Police Captain a hard stern man with thirty years’ experience on the force.  During his time, he’s seen his share of murders, rapes, and victims brutalized beyond recognition and still it amazed him how people could be so cruel towards each other.  The men who served under his command has seen just as much, particularly his two top cops Jason Malloy and Ted Strauss.  They worked hard to solve, and close every case they worked.  However, Jason’s concentration and his irrational behavior lately, just did not sit well with him.  He hoped whatever he is going through did not push him over the edge, and that he will come to him if he needs help.  

I am planning to start my book with a little background of the characters. I would love some feedback. Raine