The-Attorney-and-His-AssociateThe Attorney and His Associate (June 10, 2013)

He is a man on a mission to win over the elusive female Associate, who at every turn rejects his advances. She is sex-in-motion, and he can’t wait to strip her of her inhibitions. When Richard  Jones, meets his beautiful Associate Rachel Harris, the chase begins.  He asked her out on several occasions, but it seemed the only words in her vocabulary was no.  But he had a surprise for the tantalizing beauty.  He’s determined to have her in his bed.  However, before the relationship blossom’s, Robert  must first contend with someone from his past.  Rachel Harris found herself in a heated erotic encounter with the top Attorney of the firm Richard Harris.  The man’s kiss seared her senses, and his touch was more lethal than he knew to her peace of mind.  Can Rachel and Richard survive the turmoil of his past in,  The Attorney and His Associate.


51bHlu+KsEL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Trust, Love, And Marriage – The Seduction  (July 16, 2013)       

Brianna Stephens is a sensual woman  who has been trying to move on with her life after a long affair with her college sweetheart.  But when she meets hot, and sexy Jonathan Franks, all her plans are thrown to the wind. Brianna trusted Jonathan Franks, the man she gave her heart too; until she found him in bed with his ex-girlfriend. She struggled through the heartbreak and betrayal, and even tried to seduce her ex-, and best friend into having a one night stand.  But Blaine wasn’t having any of it.  Will Brianna ever get past the heartbreak and betrayal and forgive Jonathan?  He was furious at himself for hurting Brianna.  Jonathan didn’t know what the hell had come over him to take the bait and fall into bed with his ex-Cheyenne.  But he had to convince Brianna that he loved her and was sorry for what happen and that it wouldn’t happen again.  Can Jonathan redeem himself with Brianna in,  Trust, Love, And Marriage.


Forbidden To Tease or Not To Tease FORBIDDEN: To Tease or not To Tease  (December 20, 2013)

He was teased and called a nerd all during high school.  Robert Lambert feel in love with the one girl he knew would never look his way in a million years. Robert was constantly teased and in high school because of his pasty skin and bad acne.  The jocks and cheerleaders made it a daily ritual to embarrass him in any way they could.  But there was one in the group that never said a mean-spirited word to him; Meagan Davenport.  She was everything that Robert was not.  Popular, and beautiful.  But she never gave him a fleeting glance.  Now years later, he runs into to Meagan at the County Fair.  She had haunted his dreams all these, and now she was her in the flesh.  Will Robert finally get the girl of his dreams in, Forbidden: To Tease or Not to Tease.


The MergerDECEPTION: The Merger  (March 18, 2014)

He had been to hell and back with women and love.  He was once engaged to the perfect woman, so he thought.  But she had an agenda that destroyed everything he had worked for all his life.  James Whitmore, struggles with a high-pressure job, the complexities of failing relationships, and trying to decide what he wants for his future.  But when personal relationships cross business boundaries, sparks fly, and tempers flare in, Deception: The Merger.


Forbidden Lost Love

Forbidden: Lost Love (April 10, 2014)

Ten years ago, Juan Andrews left for college, leaving the woman he loved.  Julia was beautiful, truly the girl next door.  They shared many passionate nights together making love under the stars.  But soon the hot, passionate romance ended. Now, years later she’s standing in his office.  Gone was the girl next door qualities. And in its place was a vibrant, beautiful woman with a body that stirred his senses, bring back the memories of the passion-filled nights they once shared.  He still loved her, wanted her, but will he be able to convenience her to rekindle the passion that use to burn them so long ago or will danger, and disaster cause him to lose her again, forever in, Forbidden Lost Love.


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